3 truly innovative towel rails for the bathroom

The bathroom is an environment that can be embellished with functional but also decorative elements. As in the case of these beautiful towel rails for the bathroom

Towel rails are an essential accessory in any bathroom. Keep in mind that, in addition to playing their role, they can contribute greatly to the decoration of this part of the house. If you are looking for modern and innovative towel rails for the bathroom, don’t miss this article.

In addition to being practical and functional, there are models of towel rails for the bathroom that meet certain needs, both practical and aesthetic. As you will see below, the interior design market today offers very interesting solutions and not only in terms of materials. Some allow you to optimise your space, while others offer unparalleled comfort.

The most innovative towel rails for the bathroom

1. Wooden towel rail in the shape of a ladder

Scale towel rails are in vogue. Without a doubt, they are an original option that allows you to give a touch of originality to the bathroom. You can recycle an old staircase after cleaning, sanding and painting it. If you don’t have time for DIY or you’re not a DIY enthusiast, you’ll find lots of models in specialist stores.

You can choose models of various sizes: obviously the scale must adapt to your environment. However, as you can see from the image above, these are towel rails that take up a lot of space, so it is not a recommended solution if your bathroom is particularly narrow.

In addition to the aesthetic aspect, these towel rails for the bathroom are very practical because they have more levels and can hold more pieces. In the picture we chose two basic white towels, but you can play with the steps in order to keep more or less space.

Compared to the type of material, certainly the wood is the most original and will allow you to create a pleasant contrast. Usually, most bathroom elements are made of ceramic or aluminum, so you’ll get a feeling of warmth and a different texture.

2. Metal towel rails

These metal bath towel rails generally have four mobile heights. Thanks to their size, they are perfect for storing towels of any size and are also very accessible from anywhere in the bathroom. The special feature of these towel rails is that some of their arms are extendable. You can then move the towel rail closer together or turn it around to make the cloths more comfortable to use.

The main advantage of these elements is that they take up very little space and, although it is possible to lengthen the support surface, this will only be done when it is needed.

In terms of design, metal towel rails for the bathroom can be combined with any style. Due to their brightness and size, they do not go unnoticed and easily become a very elegant decorative element. As you can see in the picture above, simply placing mustard-coloured towels on top of the bathroom creates a pleasant contrast with the rest of the bathroom and gives a touch of colour and vitality to the whole room. Being such a large towel rail, the secret is to play with the colours of the towels.

3. Towel rack with hooks

We close our exhibition dedicated to the most innovative towel rails for the bathroom with a design that combines elegance and practicality. It is a particular and very original model: you can hardly see products with this design around. Fixed to the walls, or even behind the doors, they allow you to order a good number of towels, lightening the space and allowing a more comfortable use.

They are generally made of aluminium and have a capacity for four towels: a perfect solution for large families. An orderly and very accessible way to have all the necessary towels at hand, in the bathroom. The advantage of stainless steel is that it won’t give you any problems with humidity.


If you are about to buy a towel rail for the bathroom, you must first check that it is a functional model and that it is convenient to use.Β  Secondly, it is worth reflecting on the number of towels you use each day, which increases as you live with more people.

Once these two characteristics have been taken into account, you will go on to analyse the design of the various models, taking into account the size of your bathroom and the decorative style you have in mind.

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